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Crystal Castle

Crystals, Books & Gifts
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Photon Genius Infrared Sauna
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V.I.B.E. Quantum Pulse

(928) 202-0107

Welcome to crystal castle

 1350 W SR 89 A Suite # 24

 Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 202-0107 

Store Hours: 

Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Crystal Castle has a 30 year history of serving the Sedona community and visitors from all over the world providing quality crystals, gemstone jewelry, metaphysical products as well as trusted Psychic Insights and advice. Over the many years Crystal Castle has turned into a legend which made Sedona special and continues to be a must-visit destination for mystics and spiritual seekers alike. 

 In our new location at the Whole Foods Marketplace, we continue our mission of uplifting people’s lives with high quality products and services. Please come and find a large selection of chakra stones, chakra mosaic art, crystal jewelry, minerals and specimens, gemstone beads, crystal spheres, precision cut crystal wands and more.

Psychic Readings by Sedona Psychics

Here at Crystal Castle, at the heart of Sedona, we offer Psychic Readings for your inspiration and assistance by our experienced and well-rounded readers/advisors. Walk-ins are welcome. For family and groups please make arrangements in advance. We also offer additional appointments outside of our regular daily store business hours from 9 am and 6 pm.

Photon Genius

Our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, the Photon Genius, applies a combination of full spectrum infrared heat, photonic light, color and sound therapy – a wholistic approach to well-being! The major benefit lies in detoxing, rebalancing and rejuvenation on a cellular level. It improves oxygenation, blood flow & circulation, clears out heavy metals, increases the energy available to all cells, tissues, organs, to the lymphatic system of the body while regulating all immune system functions. It noticeably promotes anti-aging, elasticity of your skin and blood vessels, restoring your well-being on multiple levels. For further information please go to

V.I.B.E. Quantum Pulse Machine

The V.I.B.E. Quantum Pulse machine, a bio-photonic energizer, which increases your inner-connectivity to your DNA – your divine blueprint – and recalibrates the body’s biofield, achieving its optimum vibrational energy level. You can start with just a few minutes to experience a recharge. For more information see

Walk-Ins are welcome.






Aura Station

The Inneractive Aura Mastery Station offers real-time auric biodata. It shows your chakra balance and your energy levels on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane as an immediate bio feed-back. You can observe your subtle energy field and its responsiveness to crystals and products as well as to information and communication. Aura reports can be printed with either basic or extensive information about your personal Aura, your present Chakra balance and your Color Personality Type. Watch: “Shifting Your Aura and Chakras with Aura Imaging and V.I.B.E. Machine – YouTube (

Walk-ins are welcome

Crystal Castle
1350 W SR 89A #24
Sedona, AZ 86336           Contact Us:  (928) 202-0107

Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm   

Sundays: CLOSED